Could you:change the ending?


With more than twenty years in advertising/communications, I can provide help in all three areas. No fluff. No grandiose theories. No endless, budget-munching presentations.

Instead: communications problem to practical solution, as quickly as possible.

My name's Christian, by the way. Hello.

See my resumeor About page for more.

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Work. I've done a lot. Since 2001:

  • Every kind of copywriting, from online content to manifestos (so many manifestos).
  • Strategic ideas and presentations, by the hundred.
  • Creative concepts for everything from print and outdoor, to digital, to TV and cinema, to a welcome mat in a hotel.
  • Books. Many books. Usually on the business of creativity. One even sold out in hardback.
  • Art exhibitions, directing commercials, teaching designers, and product creation (including a line of soap).
  • Trained in various types of design, so I get how visual collaborators think.
  • Eh...
  • Maybe just click here for a small sample.

The company name refers to my first client feedback. At fifteen, I had a story accepted by my favourite science fiction magazine. The editor had only one request.

"A brilliant thinker and writer." Dave Bell, Creative Director.

"Christian has the ability to think of new ideas, improve ideas and word them in the most witty / clever / fun and surprising way."  Karel De Mulder, Creative Director & Partner, AIR.

"The only person I know who has been asked not to bring so many ideas to the table. They literally pour out of him. All of them brilliant, different, and very on brand." Andrew Forrest, Creative Director.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Bollocks! What about jealousy? I've been jealous of Christian's work since forever. And rightly so." Ross Fowler, Creative Director.