Social Issues

Ecover. One the original eco brands, cleaning dishes since your granny was a hippie.

Brief. Ecover is perceived as green but ineffective. So: how to attract new customers without alienating a core target who equate effective cleaning with chemicals (correctly)? In other words, a double proposition: make Ecover green and clean.

Approach. Under the tagline, "Get nature on your side," we combined playful visuals with (hopefully) convincing benefits.

My role. Headlines, copy, scripts (for an online ad and an explainer video), strategic input, tagline, presentation writing, and text for an infographic (on the dangers of palm oil).

Greenpeace. Really? An explanation? Okay: Greenpeace are a gigantic organisation committed to keeping this planet liveable. Bono likes them: in fact, he paid for their Amsterdam offices (where this campaign was developed).

Brief. Greenpeace wanted Westerners to realise that fragile, faraway ecosystems were good for more than holidays and wildlife documentaries.

Approach. The campaign sought to foster a sense of collective ownership for the world's endangered habitats. Translated, the copy reads "The Amazon is mine too," "The Earth is mine too," "The sea is mine too."

My role. Concept/strategy.

Note. Looking back, I find the entitled tone of this campaign unsettling. But I include it because I've wanted to work with Greenpeace since I was a boy.

Intro. I've worked on CSR for multinationals (e.g. C&A), campaigns for NGOs (e.g. WaterAid, Christian Aid), and consulted for smaller socially motivated businesses (e.g. Arco, maker of high-end sustainable tables for Apple's headquarters). Here are a couple of examples. Click on the images to see executions.