Design & Illustration

A sample of my current design work. I'm able to work in most commercial styles. This flexible approach to image-making means I can adjust to your brand voice.

Two larger UI projects live on my brandingpage. That's because their scope was broad: I designed, illustrated, wrote and visually coded them, as well as provided a strategic direction.

A lot of this is spec or my preferred version. This way, you see my skills, not my skills plus those of twenty uncredited brains. More samples on request.

Editorial illustration. 3D bust based of Sigfrid Von Shrink, a character from Fred Pohl's classic novel "Gateway." A 2D version included in the thumbnail above.

Editorial illustration. For writer David Wallace-Wells, rich people golfing during California's wild fires is a symbol of indifference to climate change. Me? I felt sorry for the 1%, so I designed this fire proof golf suit to help them play while the rest of us fry.

Editorial illustration. In his book "Selfie," Will Storr traces the history of the Western self. He starts with chimp politics and ends with our own hyper-individualism.

Editorial illustration. In "Lost Connections," Johann Hari explains how to tame your inner demons. For example, by communing with Nature, and/or working in a cooperatively run bicycle repair shop. As well as the 3D character above, I made the background in my attic out of card and lolly sticks. I am forty years old.

Editorial illustration. In "Enlightenment Now" Steven Pinker argues that the world has improved, but that we forget this by focusing on our (admittedly big) problems.

Editorial illustration. In "Blueprint," Yale academic Nicholas Christakis explains that a perfect society is encoded in our DNA.

Environment design. Did this years ago, still like it. Featured on my art school's website under "best of."

Sticker design. Part of a mini-brand called "Veg Punk," which provides provocative "products for herbivores." In this case, that means parodying the oddly macho culture surrounding certain meat eaters. This design is intended as a sticker for cooking notebooks, phone covers, laptops, or car window decals.

Tee design. What's the most random mash-up of web-friendly subjects? My answer above.

Animated illustration. In "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry," Neil deGrasse Tyson notes that natural laws are fixed. For instance, meditating doesn't lead to levitation, no matter what your guru says. However, Neil admits yogic flight could be achieved by farting really hard.

Vector illustrations. Three images, part of a web design project. The client company specialises in film equipment for adrenaline sports. Their clients include Will Smith.  

Icon designs. Part of my UI Design project for "Future Crunch," a group of science educators from Australia. The rest is on my branding page.

Packaging design. For a local jeweller who loves deer. The idea is to "dress the deer." Each ring is attached to the card as though the stag wears it. The choice of a simple card and envelope meant that shipping costs were saved. Above, my 3D render and design, plus process images.

Marketing art. Multipurpose image for an anarchic vegan fast food bar. To be used as posters, flyers, site imagery, and on social media.

Personal project. Part of my "Ecom Guys" project (see above). Exploring a subculture in which young men explain how you too can become a winner by selling random-seeming products.

Sticker design. An idea for a mini-brand. Aimed at people who are fascinated by current affairs but sick of endless fear-mongering. "Future News" tackles this with tongue and cheek "broadcasts" from tomorrow... where the news is much the same as today.

Personal project. Part of my "Ecom Guys" series. This project explored a YouTube subculture in which intense young men explain drop shipping. Often, this involves selling random-seeming products and a fair amount of misrepresentation (for example, making up five star reviews). I enjoyed the brutal, paradoxical worldview: exploit consumerism to free yourself from consumerism. The image headline reads, "Get rich selling diving suits to nonswimmers."

Personal project. Part of my "Ecom Guys" project. This image explores the language and symbols used by drop shipping micro-magnates on YouTube.

Sticker design. Part of a mini-brand, "Veg Punk," provocative products for herbivores. The clown in question is the mascot of a certain burger imperium. But hopefully you guessed that. Process and application above.

Multi-purpose design. Part of my mini-brand "Future News." For current affairs nerds such as myself, commenting on today from the perspective of tomorrow. Design can be used in stickers, posters, postcards, decals etc.